Digital studies, May-July 2016

Based on some of my personal zoo & museum photos (since I haven't gotten around to go out drawing much lately). There's a Twitch channel where I stream the painting sessions, and timelapse videos for all of the below studies can be found on my YouTube channel.


Animals etc, July-September 2015

Locations: Cologne Zoo, Frankfurt Zoo, Goldfuß Museum/Institute of Paleontology Bonn, Botanical Garden Bonn



Thomas Scholes came up with the excellent idea of doing one daily sketch throughout all of May, in order to break the grip of perfectionism. It's been a fun (and intense) month and it proved to be a nice opportunity to explore ideas outside of any specific project context. Below are my results in chronological order. I've posted a few of these sketches to my ArtStation page at a slightly better resolution.