Monty Battles is a new live DnB project by drummer extraordinaire Patrick Schröder. His debut album Landfall was released on Zeitgeister Music last month, you can get it on CD here and listen/download here (and you should, since it's pretty great). The project is named after Patrick's cat Monty - an old British Shorthair who, despite his gentle and peaceful nature, gets battered in feline fights on a regular basis. Things quickly led to the idea of a godzilla-sized Monty grinding his way through a city with a confused, uninvolved gaze.

Here's a close-up of the cover artwork, some early sketches, both sides of the three panel booklet, and the finished item.


  1. Damn. I love your work so much.

  2. This kicks ass! Very well done

  3. You got the top image at a dual monitor 1920x1200 px wallpaper resolution???

    Fantastic stuff!